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3D printed architecture:

3D printed architecture is the technology of constructing a physical building by gradually accumulating of बांधकाम साहित्य.

In the construction industry, a 3D printed building, which meets construction standards and has practical functions, is automatically and intelligently printed out by using special printing inks and by machines and equipment according to a programmed architecture drawing.

The technology of 3D printed architecture has brought up a revolution in the building industry, which integrates design, construction, equipment, new materials and integrated application into one system.

The five major advantages of 3D printed buildings:

1. Personalized design

2. One-click production

3. mechanized installation

4. Integrated delivery of interior and exterior decoration

५.४.२. व्यावसायिक सेवा

The minimalist processing:one-click, diverse and integral wall printing ensures the integrity of each components.

Diversified architecture styles:meet the challenge of various climate of different regions and lift greatly the living comfort.

कमी ऊर्जा वापर:reduce effectively energy consumption in building construction, and reach the harmony between building, people and nature.

3D printing manufacturing technology:reduce waste of resources.

एक स्टॉप सेवा:save your time and effort.

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